Courses Offered

The following courses are available for credit towards your Adult Dogwood. Courses marked with an asterisk are available to Graduated Adults.

English Studies 12* Math 11 Workplace* Active Living 12
English First Peoples 12* Math 11 Foundations* Anatomy and Physiology 12*
  Math 12 Foundations* BC First Peoples 12
    Child Development and Caregiving 12
    Comparative Cultures 12
    Explorations in Social Studies 11
    Food Studies 12
    Law Studies 12
    Physical Geography 12

The following courses are offered but do not count towards Adult graduation but may be required for upgrading.

Literacy Foundations CoursesOther Courses
English Level 4* Physics 11*
English Level 7 *  
Math Level 2*  
Math Level 3*  
Math Level 4*  
Math Level 5*  
Math Level 6*  
Math Level 7*  

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